3 Reasons For Non-anesthetic Dental Care for Dogs

Is Cleaning Your Dogs’ Teeth a Constant Battle?

In our most recent article about 5 Simple Daily Pet Care Tips at Home, a few of our customers have commented that cleaning their dogs’ teeth is a constant battle. 

They have been nipped and bitten, and the experience has traumatized both them and their pets ☹. If this is something that you can relate to, you might like to consider an anesthetic-free dental cleaning service.

Safe & Inexpensive Dental Care for Dogs

An aesthetic-free dental cleaning for dogs is a non-aesthetic, non-sedative safe tooth cleaning alternative treatment that will help you battle against tartar and plaque build-up. 

While this treatment will not be as comprehensive as a traditional anesthetic dental cleaning procedure; this is nonetheless a good alternative for regular teeth maintenance, especially for older dogs who are too frail to go under anesthesia.

The Advantages of Non-anesthetic Dental Treatment  

  • So affordable that you can see it like a regular tooth cleaning routine for your dogs
  • Prevention against long-term dental issues and complications
  • Suitable for dogs who need dental care but who are too old or unsuitable to go under anesthetic

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