5 Simple Daily Pet Care Tips at Home

COVID lockdowns might have impacted everyone. But just because social distancing measures are on. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to keep your furkids smelling and looking like a million bucks.

Best of all, no fancy tools are even required!

1.Daily Walks

Nothing makes my dogs happier than the sight of me pulling out their leashes from the drawer. While the question of how much exercise dogs need tend to vary from one to another, it is largely dependent on the breed, age and personality. This is definitely a win-win for both your dog and you as no one could argue the long-term benefits of exercising

Going out for walks mean that your dogs will be trudging through dirt, mud and debris and that is why I have trained them for a simple wipe down post-walking ritual where I give them a quick thorough wipe down using a wet tissue. I usually start with a gentle wipe across their faces to get rid of any eye discharge before ending with their paws.

Since the pandemic started, I have also incorporated the use of an alcohol- based antiseptic spray to the mix to disinfect against powerful viruses.  

2.Quick brush once every few days

A quick brush helps remove dead hair and distributes natural oils in their fur and skin, keeping it shiny and looking its best. Brush it gently in the direction the coat grows.

While I consider this precious one-on-one bonding time, it is a great way to check their coat’s condition for fleas, tangles, lumps (GULP!) and for anything that looks out of ordinary.

Brushing is also a great way to minimize regular shedding and hence saving you the effort of lint rolling your furniture and clothes.

3.Dental Care

Like us, our dogs do consume a variety of food that causes plaque and tartar build-up. Many dogs simply hate having their teeth brushed and getting them into the right headspace takes some effort and positive reinforcement.

Fortunately, pet toothpaste comes in appealing flavors like beef and chicken. Start with applying toothpaste on your fingers and rub it gently against their teeth. Once they grasp the idea of brushing, wrap a piece of gauze around your finger and slowly work your way through. I wouldn’t recommend starting straightaway with a toothbrush or by force. Go slow and take one-step at a time. Be sure to shower them with loads of praises and treats after!

4.Nail Trimming

I used to absolutely fear trimming my dog’s nails because I didn’t always know how much to cut. Overgrown nails are highly uncomfortable and painful for dogs. From listening to the way they walk, I know instinctively when their nails have grown out. A good guideline is to check if their nails have grown past the paw’s pad.  Dog nails are embedded with blood vessels, so you need to exercise care when clipping. Trim bit-by-bit and after each snip, check to see if you are close to a darker dense spot. Once this is spotted, that is when you need to stop. Using a flashlight can also help you identify the blood supply area. Once again, trimming your dog’s nails can be an absolutely terrifying experience for them. Ease them into it with loads of encouragement and be mindful with your own state-of-mind. Your dog needs to be assured that you know what you are doing.

5.Ear Cleaning

Some dogs might not require ear cleaning but often, those with floppy ears especially, this is a bacteria hotspot. While it is good practice to regularly clean your dog’s ears at least once a month, it is helpful to identify vital tell-tale signs indicating that your dog’s ears need TLC. If your dog is shaking its head rigorously, check to see if the ears feel warm or inflamed. I had a vet who said, check if they smell funky! Chances are, you know how funky smells like

Ear-cleaning solutions are widely available at pet shops or the vet.It’s probably good idea to attempt this in the bathroom as your dog will fling and shake quite a fair bit.

First, squeeze the solution into the ear canal and massage gently for about a minute. Use a cotton pad or gauze to gently remove the solution, repeat this until all the liquid is wiped off.

Ear infections are costly affairs but with a little bit of consistency and persistence, they are very avoidable.

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